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  • Brandon Hall Award Recipient

    Learn about our award-winning work on the important topic of building behavioral health and igniting systemic change in the construction industry.

  • Behavioral Health Services

    Prioritize the full health of your employees by addressing mental health and substance misuse in the most effective ways.

    Behavioral Health in the Workplace
  • Suicide Prevention Programs

    SOS Signs of Suicide is an affordable, evidence-based youth prevention program designed specifically for middle and high schools to train students in-person or virtually.

  • COVID-19 Tools & Resources

    With behavioral health now more important than ever, we’re offering videos, resources, and free consultations with our experts to all businesses and schools who need it.

How We're Shaping the Future of Behavioral Healthcare

With a global approach to mental health, substance use, and suicide prevention, our suite of digital solutions support early intervention, education, and crisis management to promote improved health outcomes.

We currently deliver services to more than 1.5 million students and 600 corporations, states, and universities across 18 countries.

MindWise Clients


"More than ever, people need easy access to mental health resources...

Through our partnership with MindWise, we’re able to help over a hundred thousand men get access to the resources they need by emphasizing the first critical step: a trusted anonymous screening.”

Maggie Hureau, Head of Social Impact @Harry’s

Talk to a Behavioral Health Expert

To help during COVID-19, we’re offering businesses a free session with our behavioral health experts to provide advice on how to support a remote workforce, helping employees manage stress, educating teams on the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and other important topics.