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  • The MindWise Screening Program Promotes the Wellness of Your Community

    Early identification of behavioral health challenges – facilitated by our easy-to-use, anonymous online screenings – leads to improved health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

Champion the Behavioral Health of Your Community

MindWise Innovations is here to support colleges, universities, workplaces, civic organizations, and other communities by providing convenient and confidential tools to address mental health, gambling, and substance use. We want to help you support the complete wellness – behavioral as well as physical health – of your community members.

MindWise Screening offers ten validated, web-based, totally anonymous questionnaires on a range of topics including depression, substance use, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, and more. These online screenings can be a powerful first step on an individual’s journey towards recovery. They help identify signs and symptoms of a variety of behavioral health disorders and connect users with locally available resources – customized by you. Organizations utilizing the MindWise Screening program are also able to obtain demographic data – but no personally identifying information – on utilization of the screens, which helps uncover underlying trends in their community and informs decision-making.

Early identification of behavioral health needs can lead to early diagnosis and treatment, which results in an improved quality of life. Fill out the form to the right to learn more about how your organization can promote early intervention of behavioral health challenges today.

  • 600 +
    organizations are currently using MindWise Screenings
  • 470 k
    Screenings were taken last year
  • 84 %
    of Screening respondents scored in the significant range for a behavioral health condition