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MindWise Mental Health Screening Platform

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Features of MindWise's Mental Health Screening Platform

An annual subscription to The MindWise Mental Health Screening Platform offers a robust and trusted set of resources to help your students, employees, members, or others, access clinically validated, anonymous screenings for a growing list of mental health concerns. (Go here for a full list of screens currently available)

Users can take any web-based screen they wish anonymously, at any time, anywhere, and are immediately directed to your own mental health supports and resources available. Administrators have always-on access to all online screenings, post-screening feedback, and resources, data insights and reports, a marketing toolkit to drive awareness of your platform, and more.

The MindWise Screening Program is an all-digital program. Receive access to all materials within a few days of purchase. License must be renewed annually.

Product Benefits

Promotes Early Detection: Many people don’t realize they have an issue, are unsure if their symptoms are consistent with a behavioral health issue, or want to validate their concerns about what they are experiencing. MindWise Screenings provide the user with education about symptoms and treatment. Each screening ends with the question “Will you seek help?” which encourages the user to take action before it becomes a crisis. Screenings connect your community to helpful local resources as identified by your organization.

Large Reach: Our screenings are accessible to everyone, so students can take a MindWise Screening in the privacy of their own home, workplace, or anywhere with internet access. They can reach both urban and rural populations. And, because they are truly anonymous, the screenings promote candid responses.

Informative Reporting: The administrative portal allows access to customized, aggregate reports that reflect community screening utilization. The report findings can guide an organization’s wellness and behavioral health offerings and inform related decisions. Administrators can customize the demographic questions to collect useful data.

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