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Community Online Screening Package


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For the good of all, community organizations should lead the way in raising mental health and substance use awareness.

Product Details

When a community member is struggling with a mental illness, they might suffer alone or touch the lives of many others. Those struggling are at an increased risk for school dropout, chronic health conditions, involvement in criminal activity, and homelessness. Community organizations can model leadership in raising mental health and substance use awareness by providing behavioral health screenings to their members.

Because MindWise Screenings can be accessed on laptops, smartphones, and tablets, the screenings can reach both urban and rural populations. Anonymous screening promotes candid responses which can lead to early identification of mental health and substance use challenges, timely treatment, and improved health outcomes.

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Key Features

Validated Assessments


All of our screenings are adapted versions of validated and reliable screening tools.

Unique URL


Unique URL can be embedded on organization websites, emailed, and promoted through social media networks.



Customization includes thematic color schemes, welcome message, and logo.

Local Referrals


Referral information can be customized by you to connect community members with your specific resources such as an EAP or outside support options.



Accessible reporting lets you easily analyze the anonymous data and get a clear picture of mental health and substance use trends in your community.



Promotional toolkits include social media posts, flyers, brochures, fact sheets, infographics, and more. Click here to see a sample.

Product Benefits

Our anonymous screening program is unique in that it enables users to take a quick questionnaire to assess if they have any of nine mental health disorders and connect with help. Your organization can then collect aggregate data that provides insight into the behavioral health trends in your community. Specific benefits include:

Promotes Early Detection: Many people don’t realize they have an issue, are unsure if their symptoms are consistent with a mental health or substance use issue, or want to validate their concerns about their mental health. MindWise Screenings provide the user with education about symptoms and treatment. Each screening ends with the question “Will you seek help?” which encourages the user to take action before it becomes a crisis. Screenings connect your community to helpful local resources as identified by your organization.

Large Reach: Our screenings are accessible to everyone, so community members can take a MindWise Screening in the privacy of their own home, dorm room, or anywhere with internet access. They can reach both urban and rural populations. And, because they are truly anonymous, the screenings promote candid responses.

Informative Reporting: The administrative portal allows access to customized, aggregate reports that reflect community screening utilization. The report findings can guide an organization’s wellness and behavioral health offerings and inform related decisions. Administrators can customize the demographic questions to collect useful data.

  • $193 B
    Mental illness costs Americans $193 billion in lost earnings every year
  • 22
    veterans die by suicide every day
  • 50 %
    of children age 8-15 struggling with their mental health did not receive services in the previous year

How It Works

  • Setup: A one-year subscription to the MindWise Screening program includes a customizable, mobile-friendly online screening URL for your organization. We will work with you to set it up with your logo, colors, and welcome message, and we will also help you tailor the resources section – for example, phone numbers to a counseling center, town health office, or local hospital. Additionally, administrators have access to a Downloadable Resource Center, which includes helpful on-boarding materials and how-to guides.
  • Implementation: Every MindWise subscription comes with promotional support. We offer social media posts, flyers, blog posts, posters, press releases, and more so that you can get the word out about your screening. We also provide materials to promote our flagship awareness events (National Depression Screening Day, National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, and National Alcohol Screening Day). In-person awareness events can be held on these days, or campaigns can be structured around them.
  • Analysis: As an administrator, you will have access to a portal where you will be able to see comprehensive utilization reports that reflect screening data and demographic information, and you will have the ability to analyze data by demographic. This will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of trends in your community and plan future mental health and substance use awareness campaigns and initiatives appropriately. (See sample report here.)
  • Ongoing Support: We understand that starting a new program can be daunting. Our knowledgeable and experienced team offers concierge-level customer support. Help is just a click or phone call away!

Read a Case Study on MindWise Screening

'Aspen Strong is proud to partner with Screening for Mental Health to provide an online screening program to our Roaring Fork Valley community. The screening program provides a quick, anonymous way for our community to learn the signs and symptoms of mental health issues and allows Aspen Strong to collect data to determine mental health trends in our Valley. The educational screenings spark curiosity and conversation, encouraging our community to talk about mental health, improve mental hygiene practices, and connect to additional resources when needed.'

Emily R. Supino, LPC Operational Director of Aspen Strong

Accessible & Informative Reporting

Our reporting provides the administrator with information about how the screening URL is being used, site traffic, device used, and patterns or trends. This information will help you keep on top of the behavioral health trends in your community. (See a sample report here.)

While the screenings are anonymous, questions capture valuable information that allows you to analyze your screening data to identify:

  • Mental health disorders of greatest concern: easily identify the total number of screens taken for all mental health and substance use disorders during any time frame, whether month-to-month or year-to-year
  • Demographic trends: study the age, gender, partnership status, or racial/ethnic identity screening trends of your community
  • How people are finding your screenings: learn whether community members find your screen on desktop, tablet, or phone devices so that you can connect with them where they are

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