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High School Renewal


Implementer 1

The SOS High School Portal/Renewal includes a one-year subscription to the SOS portal for implementers and parents providing everything schools need to continue the SOS Program each year 

When SOS Program implementers login, they can: 

  • Stream student videos in multiple classrooms 
  • Download program materials, customize handouts and access additional lesson plans 
  • Track parent outreach through the parent access reporting features 

When parents login, they can:  

  • View Training Trusted Adults video and clips from the student videos  
  • Read interactive content emphasizing key concepts in youth suicide prevention and tips on talking to their child about mental health 
  • Access educational materials and national suicide prevention resources 
  • Utilize the parent version of the Brief Screen for Adolescent Depression which allows parents to consider their child’s moods and behaviors and receive anonymous, immediate results 
  • Access local referral resources customized by your school 

Please Note:  

  • SOS Program renewals are only available for schools/organizations which have already purchased the SOS High School Program. 
  • Each school benefits from its own online access point for implementers and parents, so each program or school has to each renew the program. This renewal does not cover an entire district. 

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