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Second ACT Program (RENEWAL ONLY)

Implementer 1

SOS Second ACT reinforces the signs of depression and suicide, and graduates the ACT technique (Acknowledge, Care, Tell → Acknowledge, Care, Treatment) for upperclassmen preparing to take charge of their behavioral health as they transition to college or work. The program is designed as a booster to SOS for high school and includes a short video for older students, the depression screening tool and student response slips.

    SOS Second ACT is an all digital program. Receive access to all materials within a few days of purchase. License must be renewed annually.

    Note: Second ACT is consistent with the messaging of other SOS programs, but has not been clinically evaluated.

    Product Details

    SOS Second ACT provides booster suicide prevention training to upperclassmen in just one class period. First, students view a short video that features real life stories from suicide attempt survivors and teens who have struggled with their behavioral health. After a guided classroom discussion, students take a brief, validated screen for signs of depression and suicide and are given the opportunity to reach out via our student response slips.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Key Features

    Set Up Assistance


    A step-by-step implementation guide and comprehensive planning materials

    Accessible Materials


    An educational video and discussion guide for students

    Lifesaving Tools


    Tools to identify students in need: adolescent depression screening and response cards

    Staff Outreach


    Training video and associated materials for faculty and staff

    Promotional Items


    Printable posters, newsletters, wallet cards, and promotional materials

    Parent Portal


    Parent resources and outreach materials

    After Implementing Signs of Suicide, Schools Reported:

    • 97 %
      of students learned to identify signs of depression and suicide
    • 95 %
      reduced behavioral health stigma among students
    • 90 %
      increase in students seeking help for themselves or a friend


    Short implementation time and flexible content allows you to adapt the program to best fit your school or community.



    No additional training or certification required to implement.

    Signs of Suicide (SOS) Trainings

    While additional training is not required to implement the Signs of Suicide program, we do offer comprehensive in-person trainings for program implementers and suicide prevention champions.

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