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2 Hours

Intersections of Suicide and Opioid Use: A Gatekeeper Training

  • Audiences Mental Health Professionals

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Rates of both overdose and suicide deaths have been increasing over recent years. They are the two leading causes of injury related death in the country, and combined are the 7th leading cause of death overall (Pre COVID).

Recently, there has been increased research and awareness about both of these important issues; about how prevalent unhealthy opioid use and suicidal thoughts and behaviors are in all segments of society, but, also about how the two issues intersect and each increases risk for the other.

This 2-hour, introductory training explores opioid use and overdose, suicide, and the intersections between the two.   


  • Audience: All members of the community
  • Length: 2 hours
  • CEs: Not available

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