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  • The MindWise Screening Program

    Help your community members identify their behavioral health issues and get connected with the help they need.

MindWise Screenings are designed to provide a safe and anonymous way for individuals to check in on their behavioral health. Our validated screening tools allow your community members to take self-assessment questionnaires for a range of behavioral health conditions: depression, anxiety, substance use disorder (including opioids, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, inhalants, and more), alcohol use disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, psychosis, problem gambling, and adolescent depression (to be completed by parent or guardian).

Purchasing a renewable subscription for our online screening program will give your organization full, 24/7 access with a customized URL for one year. Our mobile-friendly platform ensures a seamless user experience whether one is at home, in a college dorm room, at work, or on the go.

  • 600 +
    organizations are currently using MindWise Screenings
  • 470 k
    Screenings were taken last year
  • 84 %
    of Screening respondents scored in the significant range for a behavioral health condition

Screening as a Tool for Early Intervention

We know the importance of prevention when it comes to physical illness. Routine checkups, screenings, and general awareness can be effective strategies to recognize early signs of disease and increase chances of recovery. The same is true of mental health and substance use issues. Early identification of behavioral health needs can lead to early diagnosis and treatment, which results in an improved quality of life. When treatment is initiated in the later, more severe stages of behavioral health illness, it can become costly not only to the individual, but also to the community at large. Early intervention can prevent potential negative outcomes including:

  • Diminished academic performance and/or school dropout
  • Serious impairment in daily functioning
  • Unemployment
  • Loss of relationships and disrupted support systems
  • Homelessness
  • Poverty
  • Suicide

Anonymity: The driving force for online screenings

Our dedication extends beyond our clients to those who choose to complete our online screenings. Preservation of the anonymity of the screening participant is a core value and objective for us. As users navigate within the site, no employer, healthcare company, or sponsoring organization can identify any individual who has taken a screening. We are committed to protecting the user’s personal privacy.

Why Data Matters

Our reporting feature provides valuable information about how the screening URL is being used. While the screenings are anonymous, administrators can capture information in aggregate:

  • site traffic
  • device used
  • which behavioral health screens are most utilized
  • breakdown in terms of age, gender, or racial self-identification among users
  • patterns or trends among screening users

This critical data will help administrators keep abreast of emerging behavioral health trends and act effectively and quickly to bring needed programming and interventions to their communities.


MindWise Screening for Communities

Individuals struggling with their behavioral health are at an increased risk for school dropout, chronic health conditions, involvement in criminal activity, and homelessness.  Community organizations can model leadership in raising mental health and substance use awareness by providing behavioral health screenings to their members.

Contact the MindWise Screening Team at or 781-329-0071 to purchase the program.


MindWise Screening for Workplace

Millions of American workers are affected by mental health and substance use issues each year. How is this impacting your workplace? The majority of employer losses for these conditions are related to workplace productivity – including absenteeism, worker turnover, and disability costs. Early identification of behavioral health challenges facilitates improved health outcomes and reduced cost.

Contact the MindWise Screening Team at or 781-329-0071 to purchase the program.

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