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  • Colleges & Universities

    Issues with mental health and substance use often appear during the college years. At this age, students must learn how to care for themselves and seek help.

  • 39 %
    of college students reported experiencing anxiety and depression in the past year
  • 1 in 5
    college students reported thoughts of suicide in the past year
  • 30 %
    increase in number of students seeking mental health services between 2009 and 2015

Mental Health & Substance Use Awareness at a Transitional Time

Most behavioral health symptoms begin to emerge as college-aged students enter into a new stage of identity and personality development while adapting to new life stressors. Early intervention in the form of behavioral health screenings can significantly improve future health outcomes and college completion rates for college students.

The Role of Colleges and Universities

College is an exciting period of time which brings both opportunities and challenges. Students are responsible for themselves in new ways, often living apart from parents and balancing school and extracurriculars. The stressors of college – academic demands, social pressures, preparation for life post-graduation – can exacerbate underlying behavioral health problems. Alcohol and substances can become an easy way to escape daily stress and lead to a pattern of self-medication and risky behavior.

Universities can lead the way in helping students access reliable behavioral health information by providing online mental health screenings. It is critical that colleges and universities promote behavioral health awareness and decrease the stigma around getting help. Colleges must address student mental health and substance use needs before they become a crisis.

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