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  • High Schools

    As schools work to remove barriers to learning, behavioral health education has become a critical component of today’s high school curriculum.

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Teens & Behavioral Health

The teen years bring many changes – physical, emotional, social, and intellectual. For some, behavioral health disorders such as depression and anxiety add significant additional stress. These common conditions are leading risk factors for teen suicide. In fact, over 90% of people who die by suicide have a behavioral health disorder. This is a critical time to teach students that common conditions like these can be treated and lives can be dramatically improved. Reaching out for help, whether for themselves or a friend, can make a life-saving difference.

  • 32 %
    of high school students experienced persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness in the past year
  • 1.5M
    students were trained to ACT when concerned about their friends
  • 64 %
    decrease in self-reported suicide attempts for students receiving SOS

Teens Learn How to Look Out for Each Other

Strong friendships and social support are important protective factors for teens. In times of crisis, teens often turn to peers for support and guidance. Friends and classmates are uniquely positioned to recognize warning signs and connect a distressed peer to a trusted adult. Signs of Suicide provides every student with concrete steps to take when concerned about a friend or loved one. Teens are empowered to help each other by creating a bridge to trusted adults (parents, teachers, and behavioral health staff), who can connect students to the help they need.


The Role of Schools

Schools are a natural place to provide health education – both physical and behavioral health – and to identify students in need of extra support. School difficulties may be the first signs of emerging or unidentified needs. In classrooms across the country, teachers identify students who have needs that reach far beyond the classroom. Poor concentration or attendance, difficulties with social integration, and excessive academic worry all point to potential behavioral health concerns that can be addressed and overcome. With mental health and substance use education and identification, students are getting the help they need to be successful in school and in life.

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