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Middle School Program


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Designed for students in grades 6-8, the evidence-based Signs of Suicide (SOS) program for middle schools teaches students how to identify the signs of depression and suicide in themselves and their peers. It reduces stigma around mental health and suicide, and encourages help-seeking behaviors through the ACT technique (Acknowledge, Care, Tell). The Signs of Suicide program has shown a 64% reduction in self-reported suicide attempts. 


The SOS Middle School Program includes a one-year subscription to the SOS portal for implementers and parents providing everything schools need to deliver the SOS Program each year 

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Product Details:

Implementation of the program in the classroom takes as little as one class period (about 50 minutes). First, students view a twenty-minute video that combines vignettes demonstrating the ACT (Acknowledge, Care, Tell) message with discussion of the signs and symptoms of depression and suicide. After viewing, classroom facilitators guide the students in a discussion of the video, then students take a brief, validated screen for signs of depression and suicide and are given the opportunity to reach out via our Student Response Cards.  


The Signs of Suicide program also contains resources for training faculty and staff on how to recognize when a student is in crisis and how to respond using the ACT protocol, including a training video, sample PowerPoint presentation, and access to our 90-minute online training module. The portal also comes with a login for parents, where they can preview program materials, learn about youth suicide prevention, and take an online mental health screening on behalf of their child.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Key Features

Set Up Assistance


A step-by-step implementation guide and comprehensive planning materials

Accessible Materials


An educational video and discussion guide for students

Lifesaving Tools


Tools to identify students in need: adolescent depression screening and response cards

Staff Outreach


Training video and associated materials for faculty and staff

Promotional Items


Printable posters, newsletters, wallet cards, and promotional materials

Parent Portal


Parent resources and outreach materials

After Implementing Signs of Suicide, Schools Reported:

  • 97 %
    believed students learned to identify signs of depression and suicide
  • 95 %
    felt there was reduced mental health stigma among students
  • 90 %
    saw an increase in students seeking help for themselves or a friend


Short implementation time and flexible content allows you to adapt the program to best fit your school or community.



Proven to reduce self-reported suicide attempts by 64% in recent studies.



No additional training or certification required to implement.

Signs of Suicide (SOS) Trainings

While additional training is not required to implement the Signs of Suicide program, we do offer comprehensive in-person trainings for program implementers and suicide prevention champions.

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