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  • Featured Case Study: Healthy Minds Utah

    Learn how the State of Utah and MindWise Innovations deployed Healthy Minds Utah, a mental health awareness and suicide prevention campaign.

    A woman visits the Healthy Minds Utah page to take a screen
  • Building Healthy Communities

    Providing schools, workplaces, colleges, and communities the tools to address mental health issues, substance use, and suicide risk.

  • Proven Suicide Prevention Programs

    Our evidence-based prevention programs were shown to reduce self-reported suicide attempts in teens by up to 64%.

  • Mental Health & Substance Use Screenings Catch Issues Early

    Online, anonymous questionnaires help people assess if they have a mental health or substance use problem and connect with next steps.


Mental Health & Substance Use Screenings

Anonymous, online questionnaires help community members assess if they have a mental health or substance use issue and connect with treatment.

Suicide Prevention Programs

Our evidence-based Signs of Suicide program for middle and high schools was shown to reduce self-reported suicide attempts by up to 64%.

Our Differentiators

Validated & Evidence-Based

Customizable & Flexible


Used by Millions

Quick & Easy Implementation


Our webinars provide valuable information on behavioral health topics and developments, as well as demonstrate how to easily implement our programs in your community.

Recent News & Blog Posts

Greening Your Behavioral Health

The first step in improving your behavioral health might be as simple as spending a few minutes in a park.


Netflix Moves to Address Behavioral Health Concerns on 13 Reasons Why

We are very pleased to learn of Netflix’s recent announcement that it has edited out the graphic depiction of the suicide death of a teen from the series 13 Reasons Why.


Worry about the QUALITY, Not the QUANTITY of Social Media Use

Research is digging deeper into the interaction of our social media habits and behavioral health, but there is still much to learn.


Local Leader Advocates for Suicide Prevention

Norm Gorin, Vice President at MindWise , will testify today to the Joint Committee on Education of the MA state legislature to advocate for suicide prevention education.


Behavioral Health at Work

From a mental health perspective, all jobs are not equal – how we make a living also determines how we live.


Take An Anonymous Screening Today

Take a sample MindWise Screening to see how this valuable tool can connect your community members to local treatment.

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