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  • SOS Signs of Suicide

    Our suicide prevention program is now available for middle and high school students and your K-12 school staff.

    K-12 suicide prevention training in classroom
  • SOS for Higher Ed

    Our higher ed suicide prevention program teaches everyone on your campus how to support student well-being

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  • Putting Mental Health First

    Evidence-based mental health and substance use services for organizations, schools, and mental health professionals.

    Behavioral Health in the Workplace
  • JeffCo



Workplaces & Communities

Results-driven mental health and substance use programs, trainings, and consultative services that promote healthier, psychologically safe environments.


K-12 Schools & Colleges

Education solutions that include youth suicide prevention, screening for mental health and substance use conditions, staff trainings, and resources.


Mental Health Professionals

Trainings, programs, and CEUs for health and human service providers that provide best practices for professional development and self-care.

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5,000+ Clients in 20 Countries

Our mission supports the entire continuum of mental health – from prevention to crisis response – with evidence-based, trauma-informed solutions that educate and prioritize health for all ages. We teach students and school staff how to identify signs of depression and suicide. We create safer, healthier workplaces that understand how mental health intersects with productivity. We help communities recover after traumatic events. And so much more.

Why do we do this work? Because it impacts all of us. The conversations we have today will live on in our kids, our friends, and our colleagues. And it’s our goal to shape both the current and future state of behavioral health for the better.

MindWise at Work

Learn more about the impact we’re making around the world with clients like:

  • Montgomery County School District
  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  • Harvard University
  • The State of Utah
  • +many more

"Out of all the money your school can spend on curriculum and other things, this is a drop in the bucket when it comes to saving a life.

The SOS program truly helps save lives."

Dr. Christina Conolly Montgomery County Public Schools

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