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  • COVID-19: We're Here to Help.

    With behavioral health now more important than ever, we’re offering videos, resources, and free consultations with our experts to all businesses and schools who need it.

  • Behavioral Health Services

    Prioritize the full health of your employees by addressing mental health and substance misuse in the most effective ways.

  • Suicide Prevention Programs

    Our evidence-based prevention programs were shown to reduce self-reported suicide attempts in teens by up to 64%.

  • Case Study: State of Utah

    Learn how we worked with Utah to launch Healthy Minds Utah, a behavioral health awareness and suicide prevention campaign.

    A woman visits the Healthy Minds Utah page to take a screen

Behavioral Health Services

Developed by industry experts, our services are designed to strengthen workplaces and prioritize behavioral health education, screening, and training.

Suicide Prevention Programs

Our evidence-based SOS Signs of Suicide program has shown a 64% reduction of self-reported suicide attempts in clinical trials.

MindWise Clients

Recent News & Blog Posts

End of Year Gratitude from Kara Neymeyr, SOS Program Director

With lots of exciting work well underway for 2020, we're sharing some of the ways SOS is providing a better, more relevant SOS program to schools around the world.


Harry’s Invests $200k in Men’s Behavioral Health

MindWise Innovations announced today that men’s care company Harry’s has committed $200,000 to the MindWise Screening Program.


Managing Anxiety During COVID-19

As surreal as the coronavirus outbreak may feel, its effects on individuals and communities are real and wide-ranging.


MindWise Partners with MTF on Mass C.A.R.E.S. Initiative

MindWise is proud to partner with Mass C.A.R.E.S. to help engage employers in addressing the opioid epidemic.


Talk to a Behavioral Health Expert

To help during COVID-19, we’re offering businesses a free session with our behavioral health experts to provide advice on how to support a remote workforce, helping employees manage stress, educating teams on the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and other important topics.

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