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Virtual Training: 360 Guide to SOS

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Sign up for one of our upcoming 360 Guide to SOS workshopsPlease enter registrants' names in the fields above and select your preferred date from the drop-down menu. SOS licenses are not included with the training fee and must be purchased separately. Click one of the following links to also purchase your middle school or high school license. 

About the training:  

The 360 Guide to SOS workshop prepares seasoned or new SOS facilitators to deliver SOS this school year, whether you are engaging students in-person, virtually, or in a hybrid format. The workshop guides participants on how to engage in classroom discussions about depression and suicide, identify students in need of support, and engage trusted adults in youth suicide prevention.

The 2.5-hour interactive training uses polls and chat to discuss common barriers and brainstorm strategies for successful delivery of SOS’s evidence-based suicide prevention program in the classroom and/or virtually. A thorough review of SOS materials and planning processes ensures all SOS facilitators are ready to train students and adults this school year.


What you’ll learn: 

  • Modifications to SOS for the 2020-2021 school year
  • Best practices for facilitating classroom discussions about depression and suicide with 6th-12th graders using SOS curriculum in an in-person, virtual, or hybrid environments
  • Ways to provide youth suicide prevention training for teachers and school staff
  • How to coordinate with school administration and community partners for support
  • Tips for reaching out to parents as partners in prevention

The workshop is designed specifically to provide schools and organizations with additional support for delivering the SOS Signs of Suicide curriculum. It is not a required training, nor recommended for any audiences not planning to use SOS.


Who should register: 

  • Counselors, school psychologists, social workers, health teachers, and other school staff who will deliver suicide prevention education to students 
  • Community behavioral health staff and youth-serving organizations offering SOS directly to students through school partnerships 


What attendees are saying:

“Everything provided in this course is immediately useful for all students, teachers and parents.”

“Great program and training for raising awareness and normalizing the conversation of difficult topics for all stakeholders. Great job!”

“I thought everything was very well outlined, and I liked the polls and engaging features in the training.”






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