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  • About Us

    We are a trusted partner for thousands of schools, universities, mental health professionals, employers, cities and states, and so much more.

We're Mission Driven

With the goal of shaping the current and future state of behavioral health for the better, our services support the full continuum of mental health – from prevention to crisis response – with evidence-based solutions that educate and prioritize health for all ages.

MindWise is headquartered in Dedham, Massachusetts and powered by Riverside Community Care, a non-profit leader in integrated behavioral health and human services.

Powered by Experts

Each year, Riverside’s non-profit services reach more than 40,000 people across MA through community-based mental healthcare, developmental and brain injury services, early childhood and youth programs, and addiction treatment.

Riverside’s dedicated and diverse leadership ground our services in compassion, professionalism, and excellence. Our work at MindWise also expands Riverside’s reach across the U.S. and 20+ countries worldwide.

Meet the MindWise Team

Our team of experts is built on decades of experience, empathy, and professionalism.

Help Us Reach More

MindWise partners with organizations, schools, and communities to prevent suicide and connect people with critical mental health and substance use resources. Please support us in bringing these solutions to a wider audience.