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  • About Us

What We Do

MindWise Innovations offers a comprehensive approach to mental health, substance use, and suicide prevention. Utilizing our suite of digital and consultative services, we support early intervention, education, and crisis management to promote improved health outcomes and help shape the future of behavioral healthcare.

With a clinically validated screening program, MindWise helps a range of entities, including corporations, states, and universities, to reimagine the behavioral health needs of their organization. Our data-driven strategies encourage the early detection of mental health and substance use disorders, connect employees to quality treatment, and foster psychological safety.

MindWise also works with schools to provide SOS Signs of Suicide, an evidence-based youth suicide prevention program, which has shown a 64% reduction in self-reported suicide attempts. Delivering services to more than 1.5 million students and 600 organizations across 18 countries, MindWise is powered by Riverside Community Care, a non-profit leader in behavioral health and human services.

Meet the MindWise Team

Our team of clinicians, educators, counselors, and technology experts are all committed to eradicating stigma and connecting people with behavioral health resources.

Our Story

In 1990, Doug Jacobs, MD, a psychiatrist and educator, had the idea to begin screening for depression, much like his colleagues in the medical field were screening for physical diseases like cancer and diabetes.

He gathered a team to create the first depression screening tool and then spearheaded National Depression Screening Day® in 1990, the first large-scale public campaign of behavioral health education and screening. Since then, thousands of organizations worldwide including hospitals, behavioral health centers, social service agencies, government agencies, military installations, primary care clinics, colleges, secondary schools, corporations, and HMOs have utilized our educational and screening programs.

Dr. Jacobs founded MindWise Innovations (formerly Screening for Mental Health) in 1991. In May of 2018, MindWise Innovations officially merged with Riverside Community Care, a behavioral healthcare and human services organization based in eastern Massachusetts. Riverside’s deep roots in community behavioral healthcare combined with MindWise’s innovative use of technology to educate and connect people to services has created a powerfully effective and comprehensive new approach to the assessment and treatment of those with behavioral health issues.

Together, we can reduce behavioral health stigma.

As part of the nonprofit organization Riverside Community Care, MindWise partners with schools and communities to prevent suicide and connect people with critical mental health and substance use resources. Please support us in bringing these tools to a wider audience.