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  • Meet the MindWise Team

Our Team


Kaila Braley

Marketing Specialist

As a marketing specialist for MindWise, Kaila gets to work with both the Screening program and the Signs of Suicide (SOS) program to help get screenings to those in need and provide suicide prevention education to students across the country. In her spare time, she makes pottery and teaches wheel throwing lessons at a local craft museum.

Lisa K. Desai, Psy.D.

Director, MindWise Screening Program and Research

Lisa is committed to the ongoing development of new screening tools and innovative programs that explore best practices in behavioral health, with the goal of increasing help seeking across populations. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

Meghan Diamon, LCSW

Suicide Prevention Specialist

Meghan focuses on program development and outreach strategy for Signs of Suicide (SOS) to educate and screen students around the country. She is a frequent speaker at conferences and trainings across the country. Outside of work, Meghan enjoys laughing and playing with her young daughters.

Norm Gorin

Vice President of Development

As Vice President of Development, Norm works to help shape MindWise Innovations’ programs to address the mental health and substance use challenges facing our workplaces, schools, and other communities, and to build and foster relationships with those communities to further our mission. He spends his spare time actively engaged in community service in a variety of mission-driven and political organizations, and following his son’s band, Slothrust, to concerts around the world.
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Nick Hanzel-Snider

Marketing Manager

Nick has a wide range of nonprofit experience in fundraising and communications and works across programs at MindWise to support our mission of educating people about behavioral health and connecting those in need to life-saving resources. When not trying to make the world a better place through nonprofits, he enjoys traveling, crossword-puzzling, and trying to keep up with his two small children.

Lea Karnath, MS

SOS Signs of Suicide Program Manager

Lea works with the SOS team to develop and update program materials, delivers trainings both locally and nationally, and is the main point of contact for Signs of Suicide Certified Trainers across the country. When not working, Lea enjoys making kombucha, teaching a weekly meditation class for seniors, and being a dedicated Buffalo Bills fan​ - despite living Boston for years.

Bryan Kohl

Senior Vice President, MindWise Innovations

Bryan brings his experience as a technology strategist and innovator who leans on his organizational learning and development expertise to lead MindWise Innovations into an exciting future. Outside of work, you can find Bryan skiing with his family, playing the drums, hanging out with friends, reading, running, and wearing a lot of black.

Erin Lerch

SOS Signs of Suicide Program Coordinator

Erin provides support to schools that are implementing or interested in implementing the SOS Signs of Suicide program, as well as planning and coordinating SOS trainings across the nation. When not working on youth suicide prevention, Erin writes and stage manages with Boston theater companies, volunteers at a local cat shelter, and reads a truly absurd number of sci-fi books.

Marjie McDaniel

Vice President, MindWise Innovations

Marjie oversees the day-to-day operations and management of MindWise in order to ensure the high quality of our tools for suicide prevention and behavioral health screening. She is a transplanted New Yorker, who now roots for the Celtics.
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Kara Neymeyr

SOS Signs of Suicide Program Director

Kara provides oversight and leadership to the SOS Signs of Suicide program team, advocating for the adoption of the SOS curriculum and screening in middle and high schools nationwide. Outside of work, Kara loves to be active with her two boys, bake, travel, and hold tight to her role as the #1 Packers fan.

Maggie Thompson

Screening Programs Coordinator

Maggie works with our screening partners to create a customized client experience for each throughout the screening program process – including program setup, data analysis, and technical support. Outside of work Maggie enjoys cooking, movies, hanging out with the lady bunch, and parallel parking on the first try.

David Veira

Screening Program Manager

David works with colleges, universities, workplaces, and community organizations to maintain existing relationships, build new connections, and implement MindWise Screening programs. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family, watching his two sons grow and learn, and being an avid New England sports fan.

MindWise Experts


Larry Berkowitz

Director, Riverside Trauma Center

Larry is the Co-Founder of Riverside Trauma Center. He has provided direct therapeutic services for over 20 years and managed mental health services for over 15 years. His clinical areas of expertise include work with children, adolescents, adults, and families who are trauma survivors and/or suicide survivors. He coordinates and provides disaster response services and post-suicide intervention for individuals, schools, workplaces, and communities, and conducts trainings on suicide prevention. Larry holds a doctoral degree in Counseling and Consulting Psychology from Harvard University and is a licensed Psychologist in Massachusetts. He is on the Executive Committee of the Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention, serves as the Co-Chair of the Northeast Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention, and holds an appointment as a Teaching Associate in Psychology, Part Time, at Harvard Medical School’s Department of Psychiatry.


Joanna Bridger

Clinical Director, Riverside Trauma Center

Joanna is the Clinical Director for Riverside Trauma Center, where she responds to community disasters and provides training on trauma, resilience, trauma-informed care, and suicide prevention and postvention. She has worked with youth, families, adults, and communities that have experienced traumas in a wide range of settings in the U.S. and abroad for more than 20 years. Joanna has an MSW from the University of Michigan with a concentration in Health and a Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies from the Trauma Center at JRI. She has training in a range of trauma and loss specific therapeutic modalities.


Kimberly Fisher

Assistant Vice President of Addictions, Riverside Behavioral Health Services

Kim is Riverside’s Assistant Vice President of Addiction within the Behavioral Health Services Division. Kim has extensive experience in inpatient, residential, and community-based mental health and substance use settings for adults, youth, and families. Kim is particularly passionate about identifying inequities or gaps in services for people struggling with substance use disorders and developing programs to support their recovery in the community. Originally from Pittsburgh (and an avid Steelers fan), Kim first came to Massachusetts on a clarinet scholarship. While not at work, Kim can be found singing with and running after her young son.


Nanci Ginty Butler

Senior Clinician – Coordinator for Program Development, Riverside Trauma Center

Nanci is a seasoned clinician and trainer with 20 years of experience. Her specialties include adolescent mental health; family systems; school-based programming; community-based psychotherapy; program analysis, development, and management; and suicide postvention. She has been a Trauma Responder at Riverside Trauma Center for broad-scale events like the Boston Marathon bombing and for more localized events such as suicides and other sudden losses in schools and communities. At Riverside Trauma Center, Nanci conducts trainings and is responsible for program development and trauma responses. She holds a specialty certificate in family therapy, is a Certified Instructor for QPR Gatekeeper Course for Suicide Prevention, a Certified Instructor in Youth Mental Health First Aid, and a Certified Trainer for the SOS Signs of Suicide school-based prevention curriculum. She is an active member of the National Association of Social Workers – Massachusetts Chapter and is President Emerita of Boston University School of Social Work Alumni Association.


Thomas Hall

Assistant Vice President for Clinical Services, Riverside Developmental & Cognitive Services

Tom is the Assistant Vice President for Clinical Services within Riverside’s Developmental & Cognitive Services Division. He has over 30 years of senior clinical consultation and management experience in supporting individuals with brain injuries and developmental disabilities. He has been nationally and internationally recognized for his varied contributions to the field. Tom is especially known for his ability to mentor and inspire staff. In his spare time Tom can be found fishing and hauling his lobster pots.


James McCauley

Associate Director, Riverside Trauma Center

Jim is the Co-Founder and Associate Director of the Riverside Trauma Center. Jim provides mental health support for schools, workplaces, and communities affected by traumatic events. He has consulted with numerous schools and communities in Massachusetts and New England on trauma responses. He gives consultations and trainings on suicide postvention services, suicide clusters, and suicide prevention coalitions. He has presented at statewide, national, and international conferences on these topics. He also has extensive experience providing therapy to children, adolescents, and adults and previously managed outpatient mental health clinics and programs for children for more than 20 years. Jim is a graduate of the Boston University School of Social Work and also was a Senior Lecturer in the Sociology Department at Suffolk University for more than 30 years. An Army veteran, he has a special interest in developing and providing services for returning vets. Jim is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR).

Charley O'Neill

Chief Information Officer, Riverside Community Care

Charley has decades of experience building and maintaining networks, data center operations, commercial software, and application systems. He has also served as a volunteer in human services and healthcare for over 30 years. As CIO, Charley is able to combine these experiences in order to steer Riverside on a path of practical and effective use of technology that continues to improve Riverside’s services. In his spare time, Charley can be found playing the bodhrán at traditional Irish music sessions throughout Massachusetts and the Maritimes.

dionne 009

Dionne Wright Poulton

Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Riverside Community Care

Dr. Poulton is an educator, diversity and inclusion consultant, and conflict mediator with over 20 years of experience specializing in youth and adult education, adult learning and behavior, intercultural dialogue, and addressing and mitigating bias in the workplace. In addition to her Ph.D. in Adult Education from the University of Georgia, Dr. Poulton also holds an M.A. in Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies in Adult Education with special emphasis in Equity and Social Justice from San Francisco State University, a B.Ed. from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto (OISE/UT), and a B.A. in Kinesiology and Health Sciences from Rice University in Houston, Texas, where she earned her degree while competing as an NCAA Division 1 track and field scholarship athlete. Her work has been featured in Forbes and other media outlets, and she is also author of the acclaimed book, “It’s Not Always Racist…But Sometimes It Is: Reshaping How We Think About Racism.”

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