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  • Meet the MindWise Team

Our Team


Larry Berkowitz, Ed.D.

MindWise Expert

Larry is the co-founder and Director of the Riverside Trauma Center, which has responded to hundreds of large- and small-scale disasters in schools, workplaces, and communities. He is an expert on suicide prevention and trauma, bringing two decades of experience to MindWise. He is the co-author of the study “Continuing Education on Suicide Assessment and Crisis Intervention: What Can We Learn About the Needs of Mental Health Professionals in Community Practice?” Larry is a licensed psychologist and is a Teaching Associate in Harvard Medical School’s Department of Psychiatry.

Kaila Braley

Marketing Specialist

Kaila works with both the Screening and SOS Signs of Suicide programs to ensure they reach those in need. She produces custom-designed program materials and marketing tools that our partners can use to educate their communities about behavioral health. Kaila also works with social media to get the word out on our existing and expanding programming.
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Joanna Bridger, LICSW

MindWise Expert

Joanna brings more than 20 years of clinical experience in the U.S. and abroad to MindWise. She is the Clinical Director for the Riverside Trauma Center and has led and participated in responses to dozens of large- and small-scale disasters. She regularly provides training on trauma, resilience, and suicide prevention and postvention. Joanna is fluent in Spanish.

Lisa K. Desai, Psy.D.

Director, MindWise Screening Program and Research

Lisa leads the development of new screening tools and innovative programs with the goal of reaching underserved populations. In her role, Lisa regularly consults with MindWise partners. She has been a practicing, licensed psychologist for 25 years, providing behavioral health services to youth, adults, and families. Lisa is fluent in Gujarati.

Meghan Diamon, LCSW

Suicide Prevention Specialist

Meghan focuses on program development and outreach strategy for SOS Signs of Suicide to educate and screen students around the country. She is a frequent speaker at conferences and trainings across the country. Outside of work, Meghan enjoys laughing and playing with her young daughters.
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Kimberly Fisher, LICSW

MindWise Expert

Kim is Riverside’s Assistant Vice President of Addiction. She is a social worker with deep work experience in inpatient, residential, and community-based mental health and substance use settings for all age groups. Kim ensures that MindWise is expert and forward-thinking in addictions. In her 16 years in the field, Kim has focused on identifying needs and developing services to support recovery in the community.
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Nanci Ginty Butler, LICSW

MindWise Expert

Nanci is the Coordinator for Program Development at the Riverside Trauma Center. She is a Certified Trainer for the SOS Signs of Suicide school-based prevention curriculum. A seasoned family therapist with more than 20 years of experience, Nancy has focused much of her career on suicide prevention and she is a Certified Instructor in Youth Mental Health First Aid.

Norm Gorin, MBA

Vice President of Development

A long-time executive in the corporate sector, Norm now focuses on making vital connections between Mindwise and corporations and individuals who support our services. Norm also supports our Advisory Board, ensuring that the best minds in our field provide regular input and advice to our staff.
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Thomas Hall, M.S.

MindWise Expert

Tom Hall is Assistant Vice President for Clinical Services within Riverside Community Care’s Developmental and Cognitive Disabilities Division. He helps MindWise meet the needs of people with a brain injury, an intellectual or developmental disability, or autism spectrum disorder. Tom has been a senior clinical consultant and manager in the U.S. and abroad for over thirty years. He serves as the Chair of the Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialist’s International Committee.
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Nick Hanzel-Snider, MPA

Marketing Manager

Nick writes extensively for us – everything from research-based blogs to newsletters and program descriptions and much more. He also serves as the key link between technical experts and our programs. Nick has focused his career on fundraising and communications, having long ago made the decision to work in any capacity that helps empower people who would otherwise not have a voice.

Lea Karnath, M.S.

SOS Signs of Suicide Program Manager

In her role, Lea supports schools through consultation and program development – following best practices with a focus on making suicide prevention accessible in the U.S. and beyond. She also facilitates trainings and speaks at both local and national conferences. Lea lost a close friend to suicide and is determined to make people aware that suicide is preventable and that early identification is critical to connect people, especially youth, to treatment.

Bryan Kohl

Senior Vice President, MindWise Innovations

Bryan brings his experience as a technology strategist and innovator who leans on his organizational learning and development expertise to lead MindWise Innovations into an exciting future. Outside of work, you can find Bryan skiing with his family, playing the drums, hanging out with friends, reading, running, and wearing a lot of black.

Erin Lerch

SOS Signs of Suicide Program Coordinator

Erin provides support to schools using or interested in using our SOS Signs of Suicide program, as well as plans and coordinates SOS webinars and trainings across the nation. She helps MindWise on the technology front by coordinating tech improvements in both existing and new platforms. Erin is motivated by the people she knows who’ve been helped through treatment and because she wishes her high school had had a program like SOS.
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James McCauley, LICSW

MindWise Expert

Jim is the co-founder and Associate Director of the Riverside Trauma Center. He has been a clinician, manager, professor, and consultant for over 30 years in the U.S. and abroad. Jim specializes in trauma postvention, suicide clusters, and developing and supporting suicide prevention coalitions. He presents nationally and internationally. An Army veteran, Jim has a special interest in developing and providing services for returning vets.

Marjie McDaniel

Vice President, MindWise Innovations

In her role, Marjie oversees our day-to-day operations and ensures we provide the highest quality tools for suicide prevention and behavioral health screening. Much of Marjie’s 25-year career has been in the private sector working in project management and marketing.
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Kara Neymeyr, MPA

SOS Signs of Suicide Program Director

Kara is responsible for expanding the reach of the SOS program and ensuring schools receive the support they need to implement SOS. Her 20 years of experience have been spent in service delivery and leadership positions in non-profits serving many populations. Kara’s career is driven by her motivation to help those who are underserved or who might benefit from support and a louder voice to achieve a better quality of life.
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Charley O’Neill

MindWise Expert

Charley is our Chief Information Officer. He has decades of experience building and maintaining networks, data center operations, commercial software, and application systems for large and small companies. Charley has also served as a volunteer in human services and healthcare for over 30 years. He is using his unique perspective to help MindWise grow through technology to meet the needs of people across the globe.

Maggie Thompson, M.A.

Screening Programs Coordinator

Maggie works with our screening partners to create customized client experiences throughout the screening program process – including program setup, data analysis, and technical support. She’s worked with a wide range of individuals living with behavioral health diagnoses, supporting them with advocacy and counseling. Through her personal and professional experiences, Maggie understands the many barriers to help-seeking behavior and has chosen to work in a field where she can promote early help-seeking.

David Veira, M.Ed.

Screening Program Manager

David maintains existing relationships with university, community, and workplace partners who implement online behavioral health screening programs. He also provides outreach to build new relationships to expand our state and national presence. His 20 years working in universities such as Arizona State, Brandeis, and Boston University help us understand the needs of institutions like these. David is fluent in Spanish.
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Dionne Wright Poulton, Ph.D.

MindWise Expert

Dionne provides MindWise with extensive skills in diversity and inclusion and conflict mediation. She has over 20 years of experience working in education, adult learning and behavior, intercultural dialogue, and addressing bias in the workplace. A former NCAA Division 1 track and field athlete, she has a special interest in sports. Dionne has been featured in Forbes and other media outlets, and is the author of, “It’s Not Always Racist…But Sometimes It Is: Reshaping How We Think About Racism.”

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