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  • Services for Colleges & Universities

    Ensure a safe and supportive college community with resources that teach young adults how to manage their mental health and recognize signs of suicide.

    mental services for college students

Suicide Prevention for College Students

College is a time of transition where young adults are navigating new social settings and can often experience challenges such as feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, or homesick.

MindWise on Campus: Suicide Prevention for Students is an online training designed to teach your college, university, and graduate students what to do if they are concerned about themselves or a friend.

An annual license covers the cost of every student on your campus.

Mental Health Screening Program

With the rise of mental health concerns among young adults, it’s our goal to offer programs that complement and enhance your school’s existing support systems.

Our online Screening Program offers a simple, confidential way to encourage students to check on their mental health.

The program’s online questionnaires help students determine if thoughts or behaviors they are experiencing may be associated with mental health or substance use issues – and connects them to the resources available on your campus.

Trainings for your Campus

Everyone on your campus has a genuine interest in your students’ well-being and we know that many school staff members are not trained on how to help a student who is struggling.

To support schools, we offer a variety of trainings and customizable webinars for everyone from faculty and campus counselors to guidance staff and even security and safety teams. Our webinar offerings also provide the additional benefit of a recorded conversation that staff can access anytime on demand.

Common training topics include:

  • Understanding mental health and substance use
  • Fostering resilience and understanding stress
  • Understanding trauma-informed systems for schools
  • Crisis management for schools and institutions
  • +more

"We want to support our student-athletes by empowering and training those around them on how best to communicate and care for them.

This partnership with MindWise will provide them, coaches and staff with the resources and tools needed to maintain healthy mental well-being."

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