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  • Suicide Prevention for Students

    SOS Signs of Suicide is an affordable, evidence-based suicide prevention program that has demonstrated a 64% reduction in self-reported suicide attempts.

SOS Signs of Suicide

SOS is an evidence-based youth suicide prevention program that has demonstrated an improvement in students’ knowledge and adaptive attitudes about suicide risk and depression.

Designed for grades 6-12, SOS teaches students how to identify signs of depression and suicide in themselves and their peers, while providing materials that train school professionals, parents, and communities to recognize at-risk students and take appropriate action.

How it Works

The recently enhanced program reflects feedback from students and facilitators, offers practical advice on coping skills, spotlights the role of social media, and includes stories of hope and recovery. It has also been adapted for in-person or virtual delivery to support schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While there is no training or certification required to start using SOS in your school, we offer virtual or in-person training workshops nationally for schools or organizations seeking additional support.

"SOS has been shown to reduce suicidal ideation in middle school students and suicide attempts in high school students.

If your administrators do not know where to begin, suggest SOS."

American Association of Suicidology
Male Teenage Students Walking Around College Campus Together

Key Features


Affordable & Evidence-Based

Students reported greater knowledge and adaptive attitudes about depression and suicide; and were 64% less likely to report engaging in a suicide attempt.


For Middle & High Schools

SOS is used by more than 3,000 middle and high schools around the country.


Materials & Lifesaving Tools

Includes new educational videos, discussion guides, depression screening, and response slips to seek help.


Faculty Training

Includes a training video and associated educational materials for faculty and staff.


Annual Refresher Materials

Access to additional short videos and lesson plans to use with students year after year.


Parent Education

In-person and online resources are available to support parent outreach and education.

After Delivering SOS to Students, Schools Reported

  • 97%
    believed students learned to identify signs of depression and suicide
  • 90%
    saw an increase in students seeking help for themselves or a friend
  • 95%
    felt there was reduced behavioral health stigma among students

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you need any credentials or training to train students using SOS?

    No additional training or qualifications are needed to provide evidence-based suicide prevention education to your students. SOS facilitators include school counselors, social workers, psychologists, and classroom teachers.

    We do offer an SOS 360 Training for schools or organizations looking for additional support.

  • How long does it take to train students?

    SOS student training takes as little as one class period of about 50 minutes. Optional supplemental lesson plans and refresher videos allow facilitators to provide additional training.

  • How many programs should I purchase?

    Program pricing is based on a one-program-per-school model. Within a school, the student video can be streamed into as many classrooms as you choose simultaneously, and you may download and print as many copies of program materials as you need for your students, faculty/staff, and parents.

    SOS operates on a subscription basis. Your initial purchase will give you access for one year from the date of purchase – after that, you can renew your program at our renewal price.

  • Can SOS be taught virtually?

    Yes! In light of COVID-19’s impact on school openings, MindWise has adapted the SOS curriculum to ensure middle and high school students understand how to identify signs of suicide and depression in themselves and their peers whether at home or in-person, while training school professionals, parents, and community members to recognize at-risk students and take appropriate action.

Grant & Scholarship Information

At MindWise, we believe suicide prevention education should be available to all students.

If you’re applying for a grant to bring SOS to your school or community, we’ve got all the information you need to complete your application in our downloadable Grant Application Toolkit. And if your school is struggling to cover the cost of SOS, scholarships are available thanks to the generosity of our partners.

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