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  • Partners & Sponsors

    We are proud to collaborate with national and local organizations to bring behavioral health screenings and suicide prevention programs to a wider audience.

MindWise Screening Partner Spotlight

The Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention

The Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention (CIASP) was established by the Construction Financial Management Association with the aim of providing and disseminating information and resources for suicide prevention and behavioral health promotion in construction. MindWise is excited to partner with them to help achieve this goal.


MindWise is excited to partner with BroglieBox to provide our online behavioral health screenings. BroglieBox is an all-inclusive quarterly subscription designed to promote optimal behavioral health and overall wellness.

“The MindWise Screening tool will serve as a critical resource for the BroglieBox community. This evidence-based evaluation will encourage those who require the extra nudge to seek out the help they need.”

– Julia Broglie, Founder

Aspen Strong

Aspen Strong promotes mental health hygiene and connects the Roaring Fork Valley community in Colorado to behavioral health resources. It is an outstanding example of a community-based suicide prevention and behavioral health awareness program with far-reaching impact.

Healthy Minds Philly

The Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services (DBHIDS) works to provide the Philadelphia area with resources and supports to create a thriving community. Since 2013 DBHIDS has partnered with MindWise to offer our online behavioral health screening platform and a comprehensive awareness campaign through a jointly-created vibrant website. In 2016 DBHIDS and MindWise collaborated to create and launch a broad-based mental health and substance use screening tool, which will soon be available to all MindWise partners.

MindWise Screening Partners

Below is a sampling of our Screening partners – thank you to all of our valued clients and partners!



Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), located in Worcester, MA, has been a screening partner with MindWise Innovations since 2014, offering both a student screening program through their counseling center and a workplace screening program for their staff. WPI has a student body of over 6,000 students from a variety of backgrounds. WPI is committed to valuing the whole student and strives to provide innovative health and behavioral health services to fit their unique student needs.

Indiana University

Indiana University, a large public research university in Bloomington, IN, has been a screening partner with MindWise Innovations since 2014, offering our screening program to their diverse, 48,000-strong student body. Indiana University Bloomington has worked with us to customize their screening site to reflect the unique needs of their students and direct students to vital campus behavioral health resources. The university’s dynamic counseling staff offers a variety of health and behavioral health services, including individual, group, and couples counseling.

Florida International University

Florida International University (FIU), located in Miami, FL, has been a screening partner with MindWise Innovations since 2015, offering both a student behavioral health screening program through their counseling center and a workplace screening program for their staff. FIU ranks as one of the top ten largest universities in the United States and serves a student population of over 54,000 across seven campuses. FIU offers a variety of health and behavioral health programs, including an online self-help program where students can access behavioral health screenings, online therapy assistance, and other supportive and educational services.



State of Utah Department of Human Services, Substance Abuse, and Mental Health (DSAMH)

DSAMH is committed to bringing behavioral health awareness and prevention resources to both health practitioners and the public through both technology-driven and coalition-based services. Since 2015 DSAMH has partnered with MindWise Innovations to bring our anonymous online behavioral health screening program to its community. In the last year, 1,376 screens were completed through the DSAMH site with countless resources available to users.

Mental Health Recovery Services of Warren & Clinton Counties

Mental Health Recovery Services of Warren & Clinton Counties (MHRS) is the local board of mental health and addiction services serving the two-county region. Their role is to plan, fund, monitor, and evaluate services to help individuals with behavioral health issues and/or addictions and their families. Mental Health Recovery Services also provides prevention services and information to enhance understanding of behavioral health and addictions.



National Grid

National Grid is an electricity, natural gas, and clean energy delivery company that supplies energy throughout the New England states. National Grid formed a partnership with MindWise to offer online anonymous behavioral health self-screening for over 25,000 employees through 16 separate screening sites. National Grid is a leader in providing progressive wellness resources to support its workforce in building and maintaining a healthy environment.

Kappa Alpha Theta

Kappa Alpha Theta (KAT) fraternity for college women was founded in 1870 and currently includes 146 chapters across the United States. The Director of Education and Leadership at KAT partnered with MindWise to provide our behavioral health screening program to its current members and alumni. KAT prides itself on empowering women throughout life through education, community service, and an emphasis on personal growth and striving for excellence.

State of Michigan Employee Service Program (ESP)

MindWise is proud to partner with the State of Michigan ESP to provide our interactive, online behavioral health screening program. The ESP is a confidential program available to all State of Michigan employees and their eligible family members for assistance with personal and work-related concerns.



Palomar College

In August 2018 MindWise Innovations partnered with Palomar College, a community college located in San Diego County, CA, to provide five behavioral health screening kiosks for their main campus and other satellite locations. Palomar College has a main campus, three education centers, and four education sites across San Diego County that serve a diverse student body of 25,000 students. They have a minority enrollment of over 52%, with the majority of students identifying as Hispanic.

Vaya Health

Vaya Health partnered with MindWise Innovations in 2016 to host 23 behavioral health screening kiosks across multiple sites in western North Carolina, including libraries, public health departments, community centers, a local courthouse, and a local medical center. Vaya Health is a publicly managed care organization (MCO) that administers funding for mental health, substance use, and intellectual/developmental disability services and supports across 23 counties in western North Carolina. Vaya Health also offers a variety of supportive services such as a 24-hour crisis hotline, community suicide prevention training events, and a housing support team.

Trillium Health Resources (formerly East Carolina Behavioral Health)

Trillium Health Resources is a specialty care manager (MCO) located in eastern North Carolina that serves individuals impacted by substance use, mental illness, and intellectual/developmental disabilities. Trillium Health Resources partnered with MindWise Innovations in 2015 to host 14 behavioral health kiosks across multiple sites in eastern North Carolina through their grant-funded Access Point program. The Access Point program enables users to take our behavioral health screenings online or on a kiosk and connects users to providers that are part of the Trillium Health Resources network. Access Point kiosks can be found in libraries, courthouses, health departments, and social service agencies across eastern North Carolina.

Signs of Suicide (SOS) Partners

CHADS logo

CHADS Coalition

CHADS has partnered with SOS for over 10 years to reach St. Louis-area students with evidence-based suicide prevention. CHADS has provided SOS to over 300,000 students and is a certified provider of SOS Implementer training.

Connors Climb Foundation-Logo-C8-PNG-01 (1)

Connor's Climb Foundation

Connor’s Climb Foundation promotes, advocates for, and trains school staff to implement SOS as the cornerstone of its work providing suicide prevention education to New Hampshire youth and community.

elyssa's mission

Elyssa's Mission

Elyssa’s Mission advocates for, trains staff on, and supports student education and screening using SOS in hundreds of Illinois schools. Serving as SOS’s feet on the street in the Chicago area, Elyssa’s Mission has trained over 100,000 students reaching over 30 new schools per year.

nationwide children's

Nationwide Children's Hospital

The Center for Suicide Prevention and Research (CSPR) at Nationwide Children’s Hospital was created in 2015 to address the growing problem of suicide among youth in central Ohio. The center offers SOS to all central and southeastern Ohio schools as its signature prevention program. CSPR certified SOS trainers prepare school staff to implement the program directly with students in the classroom.


Matthew Silverman Memorial Foundation

The Matthew Silverman Memorial Foundation is a nonprofit public charity dedicated to raising awareness with the goals of preventing suicide and saving lives. They provide financial and programmatic support as well as mental health programs for teens and young adults throughout the country.

State Partners

SOS partners with the following government agencies in states across the country to provide quality, evidence-based suicide prevention programming to middle and high schools.

Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Missouri Department of Mental Health

Montana Department of Health and Human Services

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services

Utah Board of Education

Signs of Suicide (SOS) Sponsors

The support of these generous donors allows MindWise to bring suicide prevention programs to schools and communities that would not be able to access these valuable tools otherwise.

benny fund

The Benny Fund

The Benny Fund is a Connecticut-based non-profit organization dedicated to improving mental health and preventing suicide through advocacy and education. The organization strives to ensure mental health is spoken about openly by providing SOS to schools.

makaya fund

The Makayla Fund

The Makayla Fund is committed to providing the SOS program to middle and high schools in Massachusetts. The organization also provides ongoing support to schools by sponsoring trainings and extra materials.

will to live

The Will to Live Foundation

Will to Live, founded in 2010, is dedicated to preventing teen suicide by improving the lives and “will to live” of teenagers through education about mental health. The Foundation sponsors SOS Implementer trainings and programs to middle and high schools.


Become a Sponsor

We rely on sponsors to help us bring critical behavioral health education to schools and communities that otherwise could not afford it. Your tax-deductible donation will help us reach the most vulnerable populations.


Partner with Us

If you would like to work together to bring critical suicide prevention programs and behavioral health screenings to a larger community, give us a call today!

To find out more, please contact:

Norman Gorin, Vice President, Development

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