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  • Services for Workplaces

    Our solutions are designed to help you reduce healthcare costs, maximize investments in existing benefits, and promote employee health.

    Workplace Consulting

Reshape Workplace Health

Healthy employees are more productive employees. They show up – both physically and emotionally. They raise morale. They stay in jobs longer. They help your organization grow.

Work with our experts to better understand how mental health and substance use impact your business.

Beginning with our Behavioral Health Program Readiness Assessment, we’ll help you address gaps in resources, maximize existing benefits, upskill leadership, get feedback from your workforce, and identify strategies to foster a culture where your employees want to work.

No Cold Consultants

Mental Health Screening & Shareable Resources

Our online Screening Program offers a simple, confidential way for employees to check on their mental health.

The screens help individuals determine if how they’re feeling may be associated with depression, anxiety, or other conditions – then connect them to resources available through your organization.

The Behavioral Health Beat, our digital resource library, provides an additional foundation to help you encourage education and conversations around mental health.

Screening Program

Trainings for your Teams

Whether you’re hoping to expand your team’s knowledge of mental health and substance use or looking for support after a traumatic event – our trainings, workshops, and webinars can be customized to your short- and long-term goals.

Our work spans everything from entry-level topics like “Anxiety in the Workplace” to leadership sessions on psychological safety and interactive courses on understanding stress.


  • Start the conversation on mental health
  • Give employees a forum to ask questions
  • Understand employee needs and concerns
  • Identify areas to enhance existing benefits
  • Engage your workforce with relevant content

Incident Response

While employers do their best to keep employees safe, many crises are often outside their control. Thus knowing how to appropriately address highly stressful and traumatic events, such as a death by suicide or an opioid overdose, is critical to providing a safe environment for your workforce.

Whether you need initial advisement or long-term recommendations from our trained responders, our process includes:

  • Providing consultation and support to executive leadership and employees throughout the crisis
  • Creating and/or implementing a plan for the hours, days, weeks, and months after the crisis
  • Offering 1:1 support to individuals to discuss grief and what they’re experiencing
  • Hosting coping groups to help process reactions and identify strategies for support

“The result of our collective efforts with MindWise will be people benefiting from and thriving in a caring culture and an inclusive work environment where people feel safe.”

Turner Construction Active Caring Group
Safety & Wellbeing

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