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  • Trainings & Webinars

    Learn more about upcoming free webinars and paid training events, as well as customizable training options for your school or organization to receive the support it needs.

Featured Training: 360 Guide to SOS Virtual Training

PAID TRAINING EVENT: The 360 Guide to SOS training is designed to prepare new or seasoned facilitators to deliver Signs of Suicide, with specialized guidance about delivering in virtual or hybrid school environments.

Monthly training dates are available.

Looking for a private training? We've got those too.


Virtual or In-Person

Trainings are available remotely through Zoom or in person when safe to do so.


CEU's Available

If applicable, continuing education hours are available to Psychologists, Social Workers, LMHCs, LMFTs, and Nurses for many trainings.


Customizable Options

Join a scheduled date for a training session or inquire about a private customized training for your organization.

Behavioral Health Trainings

We offer a variety of trainings, focus groups, workshops, and webinars designed to help you better support the behavioral health of your employees and create more productive, higher performing teams.

Featured topics include:

  • Anxiety in the Workplace: Building a Psychologically Safe Culture
  • Fostering a Culture of Resilience
  • Self-Care for Leadership and Management Teams
  • Behavioral Health Literacy
  • Supporting Behavioral Health for Remote Teams

Audience: Workplaces, organizations, and human resources staff

Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention

We offer suicide prevention training courses for a wide variety of audiences, from schools to workplaces, with the goal of equipping as many community members as possible with important information about preventing and responding to suicide deaths.

Featured offerings:

  • Postvention: Responding to Schools, Workplaces, and Communities Following Suicide
  • Question, Persuade, and Refer
  • Recognizing Depression and Suicide Risk
  • Suicide Assessment and Intervention Training for Mental Health Professionals
  • Suicide Prevention: A Gatekeeper Training for School Personnel
  • Unhealthy Opioid Use and Suicide Prevention

Audience: Mental health professionals, school personnel, school administrators, community leaders, workplaces, organizations, and human resources staff

Trauma Response and Trauma-Informed Care

Our trauma-centered trainings aim to equip those who may be responding to traumatic events with a deep understanding of trauma and its potential effects, as well as how to create practices and policies that are more trauma-informed.

Featured offerings:

  • Crisis Management for Schools and Institutions
  • Psychological First Aid Training (PFA)/Posttraumatic Stress Management Workshop
  • Responding to Grief and Sudden Loss in Schools and Communities
  • The Toll of Working with Trauma: Understanding Self-Care as an Ethical Imperative
  • Understanding Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care
  • Understanding Trauma and Trauma Sensitive Schools

Audience: Mental health professionals, guidance counselors, school administrators, and school personnel. Schools, community agencies, workplaces, hospitals, and other organizations.

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