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Managing Anxiety Related to COVID-19

Check out the video below with tips on how to deal with anxiety due to coronavirus from MindWise Expert and Senior Clinician Nancy Ginty Butler, LICSW.


Using ACT at Home

As surreal as the coronavirus outbreak may feel, its psychological as well as its physical effects on individuals and communities are real and wide-ranging. Whatever your level of risk, it’s normal to feel increased anxiety over COVID-19 (the disease caused by coronavirus), but it’s important to manage those worries and care for your behavioral health and well-being.

  • Rely on trusted sources of information such as your state department of public health and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for updates.
  • Do not fall for false information online. It’s very easy for inaccurate or even dangerous information to be shared rapidly on social media.
  • Remember that local and national public health agencies have done a good job with managing previous viral outbreaks.

MindWise has prepared a one-pager on Managing Reactions to the Coronavirus, which includes specific information on talking with children about highly stressful events. Click here to download, and feel free to print and distribute as you see fit.

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