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MindWise Pledges Support of Construction Industry

MindWise Innovations is proud to partner with the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention (CIASP) in support of their efforts to help STAND up for suicide prevention. The construction industry has one of the highest rates of suicide among occupational groups and a concerted effort like that of the CIASP to move the culture forward on issues of behavioral health and suicide prevention is vitally important.

Bryan Kohl and Lisa Desai of MindWise visit a construction site as part of Turner Construction’s unprecedented stand-down addressing mental health and substance use throughout the construction industry.


The CIASP embraces the following STAND Principles:

Safe: Creating a safe culture for employees who are having suicidal thoughts or are concerned for their co-workers at risk of suicide.

Training: Making suicide prevention training available to all employees so that they can recognize the warning signs and be equipped to help those at risk.

Awareness: Raising awareness by sharing the message of suicide prevention through such organizational activities as safety meetings, toolbox talks, company meetings, newsletters, and social media.

NormalizeNormalizing the topic of suicide prevention as a health and safety priority by talking about suicide, suicide prevention, and mental health.

DecreaseDecreasing the risk of suicide in construction by helping to ensure access to and awareness of EAPs, behavioral health benefits, screening tools, community crisis support, the Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and Crisis Text Line.


MindWise pledges our shared commitment to these principles and to empowering the CIASP to impact the construction industry by helping contractors STAND up for Suicide Prevention.

If you’d like to take the pledge in support of the CIASP’s suicide prevention efforts, click here.​