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4 Reasons to Screen Students for Eating Disorders

Screening for mental health issues, like eating disorders, can provide a number of benefits for students on your campus.
  1. You can show students that mental health is a priority: Having an eating disorder screening on your counseling center website helps students confront the decision about seeking help. In fact, in a report from NAMI, students with a mental health condition listed having an online mental health screening on the counseling website as one of the top five reasons they felt their school’s counseling website was helpful.
  2. You can motivate peers to become allies for wellness: It can be difficult to distinguish whether a friend’s behavior or eating patterns are worrisome but taking a screening on behalf of a friend or peer can help students feel more comfortable approaching someone about their concerns.
  3. You can raise awareness and educate students: Holding an awareness and screening event creates a visible reminder to students about the importance of their mental health. It provides a great opportunity for students to meet counseling center staff and to learn about the signs and symptoms of disordered eating.
  4. You can save a life: Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness but getting help early on increases the likelihood of making a full recovery. Providing screenings for eating disorders can serve as a warning to students and can connect them to treatment before they reach an advanced stage.