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How Swimming Can Boost Your Mental Health

There’s something so otherworldly about swimming underwater. The way the water distorts the sky above and the shimmering sunlight creates patterns on the bottom of a pool can give it an ethereal quality. It’s no wonder that swimming can put you in an ideal mental space. In the height of the summertime we’re exploring the benefits of swimming for your peace of mind:

  • It can help you to shut out external stimuli: Once you dive in, you’re cut off from the sounds of the outside world and all you can feel is the water against your skin as your hands cut through it with each stroke.When you’re swimming, you  focus on your breathing, the line at the bottom of the pool, and the rush of water. Swimming simplifies life; it’s own form of a stripped-down, moving mediation.
  • It’s a great form of exercise–and it’s low impact: Swimming gets your heart going, it’s great for your muscles and lungs, and it’s low impact on your joints. Taking care of your body has a huge impact on your emotional well-being; and swimming several times a week is a great way to exercise your body and improve your mood.
  • It releases endorphins: A hard swimming workout releases natural feel-good compounds, called endorphins, helps to convert excess fight-or-flight stress hormones into muscle relaxation, and promotes the growth of new brain cells in brain areas that atrophies under chronic stress.

With endless benefits for your mind and your body, now is the perfect time to add swimming to your weekly exercise (or self-care) regimen.