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National Depression Screening Day—Thanks for Your Participation

Thousands of organizations such as community groups, workplaces, colleges, and military installations recognized National Depression Screening Day (NDSD) in October. Screening for Mental Health was thrilled to see that the program garnered a record amount of media attention and, more importantly, we had a 63% increase in screenings over last year.

This year, the theme of NDSD was that your mental health is as important as your physical health. The message really resonated with the media and the general public. Not only did we have more than 80,000 people take stock of their own mental health through the screenings, but we got one step closer to eliminating stigma around mental health

Many of our community sites reached out to local press and garnered quality and in-depth coverage about NDSD and the benefits of screenings. Check out this great television coverage on WABI TV5 in Maine about Acadia Hospital’s efforts.

Depression screening is effective. An independent study done by the University of Connecticut in 2009, commissioned by Screening for Mental Health, found that 55% of participants who completed an online depression screening and who agreed to participate in a follow-up survey, sought depression treatment within 3 months of the screening.