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As school staff members work to educate students on the signs and symptoms of depression and suicidality, it is equally important to educate parents. One way to involve parents in the mental health of their teen is through an online mental health screening program.

The Parent Brief Screen for Adolescent Depression (BSAD) is currently part of the SOS Signs of Suicide Prevention Program. New this year, we are excited to offer this screening for parents in an online format. Like the original printed version, the Online Parent BSAD allows parents to assess their child for suicide or depression risk factors. After parents complete a series of questions online, the screening will provide results, local referral options (determined by each school), and relevant educational information. Results from the Parent BSAD are not diagnostic, but merely indicate the presence or absence of symptoms consistent with depression or suicide.

Schools are invited to host the Online Parent BSAD through their website, giving parents 24/7 access to this valuable tool. Each school will receive a unique URL to display online and promote through newsletters or informational meetings.

Features of the Online Parent BSAD include:

  • Customizable welcome message, thematic color schemes, and logo
  • Tailored demographic questions
  • Modifiable referral information: connecting parents and students to school or community services
  • Automated utilization reports showing aggregate data

We hope you will consider adding the Online Parent BSAD as you continue to educate students and parents on the signs of depression and suicidality.