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Technology Strategist & Innovator Joins MindWise as Senior Vice President

MindWise Innovations is thrilled to welcome Bryan Kohl as our new Senior Vice President. In addition to supervising MindWise Innovation’s programs and operations, Bryan will charter an exciting course for MindWise. Under his leadership, he plans to grow and develop services and products to reach more youth and adults struggling with their mental health or substance use and to further our impact in helping to reduce teen suicide deaths. “The integrity of our programs and the expertise Riverside and MindWise possess are truly remarkable,” explains Bryan, his energetic personality complemented by his sincere enthusiasm for MindWise Innovation’s mission.

Bryan is a technology strategist and innovator with more than twenty years’ experience in organizational learning and development. He is passionate about both the concept and the implementation of learning via technology. And that passion is supported by a wealth of genuine expertise and a proven ability to develop and execute highly effective solutions.

He takes technological initiatives from vision to application, guided by a strong foundation in project and change management, a prowess for developing high-performing teams, and an endless enthusiasm for collaboration and doing good work.

Bryan’s background in educational and collaborative technologies, his Master’s in Adult Learning from Fordham University, and his development expertise make him a great match for MindWise Innovations. An innately empathetic person, this role is for him “far less about the opportunity and more about an obligation to help facilitate better conversations about behavioral health.”

Beyond making quality behavioral healthcare accessible to all, Bryan gets excited about a lot of things, but to name just a few: skiing with his family, playing the drums, hanging with friends, reading, running, and wearing a lot of black.


Photo credit: Career Employer