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  • Mental Health Screening for Colleges

    The online tools your students need to identify symptoms of mental health and substance use conditions and get connected to help.

    Screening for Colleges

Our College Screening Tool

Campuses today offer a wealth of student support systems, including health and counseling centers, but students can often be hesitant to walk in the door.

This is where our online Screening Program offers a simple, confidential way for your students to check on their behavioral health and get connected to the resources you already have available.

Screening Program

How It Works

Students take a short, online quiz to see if how they’re feeling matches common symptoms of conditions like anxiety, depression, substance use disorder, disordered eating, and more. All screens are anonymous, have been clinically validated, and provide immediate feedback.

"The screening program bridges a gap for students seeking mental health resources by providing immediate feedback and encouraging students to seek help."

Sruthi Palaniappan Harvard Undergraduate Council President

Benefits To Your School

Customize the MindWise Screening site to include your school’s logo, demographic questions, and the resources you want to promote.

For example, send students directly to your school’s counseling or student services website after they take a screen or to a list of local resources.

As a campus administrator, you’ll have access to screening reports to review usage, student trends, and insights into where more support for your campus is needed. If it sounds easy, it’s because it is.

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