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  • Critical Incident and Crisis Response

    If a traumatic event happens at work or on a jobsite, it’s important to address it and provide support to your workforce. Let us help.

    Workplace Incident Response

When an Incident Occurs

You know what to do if an employee gets into an argument or breaks a leg on the jobsite, but occasionally larger and more complex crises arise.

If a suicide or traumatic event occurs, our experts will help you respond and provide resources to those in need. We’ll also work with you to implement support systems to prevent future incidents from occurring.

Available Services


Critical Incident & Crisis Response


Incident Coping Groups


Incident Grief Counseling


Trauma Consultation & Coaching


Specialized Grief & Psychological First Aid Trainings


Prevention, Intervention, & Postvention Trainings

How Trauma Impacts Teams

A traumatic event is when you experience the threat of death or serious injury to yourself or others. Trauma can result from an incident such as an overdose or accident, or from repeated acts such as violence or abuse.

Reactions vary widely, but can include extreme fear, shock, helplessness, and physical symptoms – all of which significantly impact the health and productivity of your employees.

The good news is that you don’t have to navigate these situations alone. Our nationally recognized trauma response team has provided prevention, intervention, and postvention (a response after a suicide) services to support organizations for decades.

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