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  • You Can Make a Difference in Your Students’ Behavioral Health

    Early identification of behavioral health challenges – facilitated by our easy-to-use, anonymous online screenings – leads to improved health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

The college years are an exciting time but they also pose additional risks for students.

The stressors of college – academic demands, social pressures, preparation for post-graduation life – can exacerbate underlying behavioral health challenges. Alcohol and substances can become an easy way to escape daily stress and lead to a pattern of self-medication and risky behavior. In fact, 75 percent of mental health conditions are diagnosed by age 24, which make this time especially crucial to identify symptoms and seek treatment as early as possible.

Early intervention in the form of behavioral health screenings can significantly improve future health outcomes – as well as completion rates for college students. Universities can lead the way in helping students access reliable behavioral health information by providing online mental health and substance use assessments. It is critical that colleges and universities promote behavioral health awareness and decrease the stigma around getting help.

The MindWise Screening Program allows students to take brief, clinically validated, online questionnaires on ten behavioral health issues – completely anonymously and from the privacy of their own dorm room. Students learn signs and symptoms of behavioral health disorders and are presented with customized treatment options for your campus.