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  • MindWise Is Here to Help Communities Care for Their Own

    For civic and community groups alike support for those struggling with their mental health or substance use starts locally – the MindWise Screening Program provides customizable tools to maximize your impact.

Communities are suffering a behavioral health crisis.

Cities, towns, local health centers, youth organizations, churches, and community groups are faced with increasing incidence of behavioral health disorders – including depression, anxiety, disordered eating, and problem gambling – as well as a tragic substance use epidemic. The cost to local communities is often much too high, both economically and in loss of life.

Mental health and substance use disorders are complicated and may have multiple underlying causes. Too often, suicide can become the worse outcome. It’s imperative that community organizations help their members through difficult times.

When treatment is focused only on the latter stages of behavioral health disorders, it can become costly not only to the individual, but also to the community as a whole. Early intervention can prevent potentially devastating effects including: unemployment, homelessness, poverty, and suicide.

Community organizations can play a major role in shaping the overall health and wellness of their members by increasing access to reliable information – learn how the MindWise Screening Program can help.