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Student Training

SOS for Higher Ed: Suicide Prevention for Students is a 30-minute, self-guided online training that uses video and interactive learning to teach college students how to ACT (Acknowledge, Care, Tell) if they are worried about themselves or a friend. 

This course uses real and diverse stories of mental health struggles and recovery to provide students with resources and actionable steps to: 

  • recognize signs of suicide risk 
  • encourage someone to seek help 
  • build strong peer connections 
  • foster positive mental well-being 

Faculty & Staff Training

SOS for Higher Ed: Suicide Prevention for Faculty & Staff is a 30-minute, self-guided online training designed to prepare university faculty and staff to respond to signs of distress in students.  

Using the ACT (Acknowledge, Care, Tell) framework, the course shares campus staff who have real experience supporting students at risk for suicide. It also offers hands-on scenarios to practice how to: 

  • recognize signs of suicide in a student
  • engage in conversations with students in need
  • keep a student safe / connect them to resources
  • help students build connections on campus
  • feel prepared and confident to support students

How SOS for Higher Ed Works

The program was developed by the creators of SOS Signs of Suicide, an evidence-based youth suicide prevention program trusted by thousands of schools across the country. Our Higher Ed trainings carry SOS from middle and high schools onto campuses at a time when mental health concerns often first appear – making college and university campuses an ideal place to educate and reinforce suicide prevention practices for everyone.

Both trainings for Students and Faculty/Staff include promotional materials and Group Facilitation Guides for counseling center staff, student leaders, or resident advisors who want to utilize the training module and activities to facilitate the training in group settings. The courses are available individually or can be purchased together at a bundled rate. SOS for Higher Ed is sold per campus to ensure you can reach and support as many individuals as possible. 

"Although suicide is preventable, it’s the second most common cause of death among college students.

SOS for Higher Ed gives everyone on college and university campuses the knowledge and confidence to recognize signs of suicide and ACT accordingly."

Meghan Diamon, LCSW MindWise Program Director, Suicide Education
MindWise on Campus

Key Program Benefits

  • $5,000 per training, per campus ($7,500 for both) 
  • Access to online, self-led training for students and faculty/staff 
  • Includes best practice guidance, promotional resources, and optional Group Facilitation Guides 
  • Appropriate for students, faculty, staff, administrators, athletic staff, etc.  
  • No backend administration required; automatic reports allow you to track course completion

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