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Elizabeth Whitney, MSW, LICSW

Behavioral Health Consultant

Elizabeth Whitney, MSW, LICSW has over 30 years of experience in direct practice, supervision, program leadership, consulting, and higher education. She approaches her work with relational, systems, and social justice lenses, striving to understand those she works with in the context and complexity of their unique situations.  An area of particular interest is on eliminating stigma related to the experience of mental health challenges and promoting belief in recovery.

Elizabeth is a skilled clinician and teacher with special interest in trauma informed approaches, resilience, and positive psychology.  As a trainer, her specialty is facilitating learning of complex behavioral health issues to increase knowledge and awareness for new practitioners and non-clinicians. She tries to live what she shares with others, incorporating mindfulness, a love of good food, time outdoors, and enjoyment with friends and family into her days.