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2 Hours

An Executive’s Guide for Revitalizing High Performance Teams

  • Audiences Employers



The pandemic has deeply fractured the way our most trusted teams work together. Bearing the weight of chronic stress and uncertainty wrought by the pandemic, keeping their peers and reports safe and happy, while also staying productive in a remote working world has led to burnout, fatigue, and anxiety. In this 2-hour training, MindWise Innovations will engage attendees to consider their key role in revitalizing, being a member of, and supporting high-performance teams.

Attendees will learn:   

  • The foundation of trust, communication, and learning that stabilizes and supports high-performance teams  
  • The detrimental impact of stress, prolonged uncertainty, stigma, and ambiguous grief has on that foundation  
  • An operating model grounded in evolving best practices teams can use to establish a psychologically safe and productive working environment 


  • Length: 2 hours
  • CEs: Not Available

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