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3 Parts

Managing a Trauma-Informed Crisis Response

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Oftentimes, schools and institutions are prepared to respond to an on-campus crisis in the moment that it happens but are not prepared for the psychosocial response that’s needed in the hours, days, and weeks, and sometimes months afterwards.

In this consultative, clinician-led workshop series , attendees will:

  • Learn the overarching principles that inform a school’s psychological response to a traumatic event, including the core components of a crisis response
  • Receive a comprehensive psychosocial protocol on best practices in the aftermath of a critical incident
  • Practice their organization’s own crisis protocol to build confidence in a trauma-informed response delivery

Our works starts with a series of consultative sessions to understand your campus and organizational culture and structure, review and offer trauma-informed guidance on your existing crisis protocol, historical responses to past incidents, opportunities for skill building and development, ideal campus department team members, and more.

Upon the completion of your consultative sessions and delivery of your psychosocial protocol, we then host a three-part workshop series, which includes:

  • Trauma-Informed Crisis Management Training – a 3-hour program which teaches the principals of trauma-informed responses to traumatic events.
  • Psychological First Aid – a 6-hour, practice-based program which prepares participants to deliver basic behavioral health disaster response skills following large-scale disasters or critical events, such as homicides, suicides, accidental deaths, and similarly distressing events.
  • Trauma-Informed Crisis Management Tabletop Drill Exercise – a 3-hour program that facilitates a tabletop drill exercise of your organization’s trauma-informed crisis response protocol.

Upon completion of this consultative series, schools will have an updated crisis protocol informed by best practices from trauma clinicians, as well as a campus-wide working knowledge of how to immediately respond to a traumatic event. 

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