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2 Hours

Operationalizing Psychological Safety in the Workplace  

  • Audiences Employers, Mental Health Professionals, Schools


Psychological Safety, as defined by Amy Edmondson, Harvard Business School Professor, is the shared belief that a workplace team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking. It is the key pillar that supports high-performing teams, and allows them the trust, clarity, and safety to accomplish audacious goals together.

In this highly interactive course, we will educate on the tenets of psychological safety and its impact on the workplace; demonstrate how psychological safety sets the foundation for other programs, such as DEI, talent acquisition and retention, and more; share 8 key sustained action steps for leadership to model to support a culture of psychological safety; and offer KPIs and activities that can measure the true impact of psychological safety on the workplace.


  • Length: 2 hours
  • CEs: Not Available

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