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2 Hours

Responding to Grief and Sudden Loss in Schools and Communities

  • Audiences Employers, Mental Health Professionals, Schools


This 2-hour training provides schools and communities with the tools for responding to grief and managing sudden or traumatic loss. Administrators and school behavioral staff will learn to facilitate healthy grieving, with the goal of helping the community integrate the loss.

The training includes an overview of different models of grief, including a discussion of variations in individual, developmental, family, gender, and cultural styles of grieving. Research on what is often helpful for bereaved individuals is presented. There is an emphasis on the complexities of dealing with suicide or other traumatic loss.

In the case of a suicide death, a discussion of the broader topic of suicide postvention and its role in facilitating grieving, as well as preventing future suicide deaths is included. 


  • Audience: Schools, Community Agencies, Hospitals, Workplaces, and Organizations
  • Length: 2 hours
  • CEs: Not Available

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