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2 Hours

Understanding Behavioral Health in the Workplace

  • Audiences Employers


Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace’ is an interactive, introductory course that helps level-set your employee’s understanding of behavioral health and substance misuse, and how it shows up in the workplace. In this training, we cover:  

  • What is behavioral health, and what factors, either current or historical, can contribute to our ‘mental health’ over time 
  • Dispel stigmas and assumptions we often carry with mental health and substance misuse 
  • The true scope and impact of mental health in our everyday lives 
  • Examples of how common mental health struggles can ‘show up’ in the workplace 
  • How to support help-seeking behavior, either for yourself or your peers, through a framework of support and action 

After this session, your employees will have an introductory, factual understanding of common mental health concerns, and an introductory framework of how to approach or respond to conversations of mental health that support help-seeking behavior.  


  • Length: 2 hours
  • CEs: Not Available

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