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6 Hours

Understanding Suicide with Safety Planning Training Series

  • Audiences Mental Health Professionals


This training is designed to increase knowledge and improve the skills and confidence of clinicians and others who find themselves identifying high-risk youth and adults, and planning for their care.   

Based on our Suicide Assessment and Intervention Training for Mental Health Professionals, participants will learn:   

  • Manage personal reactions to suicidal clients   
  • List suicide warning signs and risk and protective factors   
  • Demonstrate techniques to elicit suicidal ideation and history of behaviors   
  • Identify strategies and tools to assess risk   
  • Describe how a client’s ambivalence about suicide is an opportunity to intervene and how the client may view suicide as a coping strategy   


  • Audience: Social Service Organizations
  • Length:  1 Workshop (2 sessions, 3 hours each)  
  • CEs: Not Available  

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