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  • Workplace Programs

    Mental health and substance use support through our online screening tool and digital library of 100+ shareable articles, videos, image templates, and more.

Our Online Screening Tool

For many of us, it’s hard to know the difference between feeling nervous and having anxiety. Or at what point being sad turns into depression. Additionally, just as they say it’s never too late to ask for help, it’s never too early either.

This is when our online screening program provides a simple, confidential way to check on your mental health – and get connected to support.

Screening Program

How It Works

Individuals take a short, online quiz to see if how they’re feeling matches common symptoms of conditions like anxiety, depression, substance use disorder, and a range of others. All screens are anonymous, have been clinically validated, and provide immediate feedback.

Key Features

Customize the MindWise Screening site to include your organization’s logo, demographic questions, and the resources you want to promote.

For example, send individuals directly to your EAP (Employee Assistance Program) after they take a screen or provide the numbers of local helplines.

As an administrator, you’ll also have access to screening reports to review usage, trends, and areas where more support for your employees or community is needed. If it sounds easy, it’s because it is.

Our Digital Content Library

Even though we’ve gotten better at talking about mental health, it can still be hard to actively champion it in the office or throughout your community.

And since most organizations don’t have a Chief Behavioral Health Officer like we do, we proudly provide clients with access to the Behavioral Health Beat – our digital library of 100+ shareable mental health articles, videos, image templates, and more.

How Clients Are Using It

The Behavioral Health Beat helps everyone from HR Directors and Benefit teams to Safety Managers and Public Health Departments initiate real conversations about topics that directly impact organizations today.

  • Share behavioral health materials with your employees or community
  • Add resources to internal employee portals or community websites
  • Prepare for conversations with individuals, leadership, and benefit vendors
  • Offer support during or after an incident or traumatic event
  • Incorporate relevant language into social media, newsletters, and emails
  • Print and display resources and awareness materials

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