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  • Understand the Behavioral Health Needs of your Workforce

    MindWise offers a suite of consultative services and digital tools to support early intervention, education, and crisis management for mental health and substance misuse disorders.

Reimagine Employee Health

Nearly 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. have a mental health disorder. 1

We help businesses prioritize the full health of employees by addressing behavioral health in the most effective way – by identifying and treating issues early, just as you would a physical medical problem.

And with 40 years of expertise, our data-driven solutions are designed specifically to improve health outcomes and reduce health care costs.

Behavioral Health Education, Screening, and Training

Today, 42% of employees want employers to provide more information about mental health benefits, accommodations, and resources. 2

With the goal of baselining your organization’s understanding of mental health and substance misuse, MindWise works to foster psychological safety and drive sustainable change through:

  • strategic consultative services
  • clinically validated health screenings
  • local resources and treatment options
  • education and awareness materials
  • in-depth analytics and reporting

How it Works


Identification & Prevention

MindWise increases early detection of a growing list of behavioral health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, opioid misuse, gambling, and much more.


Psychological Safety

We foster psychological safety and cultural change in the workplace through behavioral health literacy programs, awareness campaigns, and ongoing education.


Investments in Health

We'll help you further understand the health needs of your employees - maximizing existing investments in EAPs, wellness, and crisis management.

Consultative Engagement

Our program combines the unique needs of your business with a deep rooted expertise in how behavioral health impacts specific industries – such as construction, sports, legal, and more.

With a full understanding of your business, we’ll develop a strategic plan to strengthen your workplace, reduce stigma associated with mental health and substance misuse, and increase overall employee wellness.

Additionally as a non-profit ourselves, we know you can’t put a price on health. That’s why our tiered approach ensures we can provide strategic services to any business – large or small.

On a Mission

MindWise works with clients around the world like Turner Construction, Chevron, Harvard, Yale, and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Using our platform, more than 16 million screens have been taken to identify mental health and substance misuse symptoms – reinforcing the global need to prioritize behavioral health in the workplace.

To continue raising the bar, it’s our mission to reach 25 million screens by 2025.

Learn more about how MindWise can help your organization.