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  • Case Study: Pennsylvania College of Technology Counseling Services

    How MindWise helped bring attention to the vital role early detection can play in connecting college students with treatment and support for behavioral health issues.


Over the past five years, Pennsylvania College of Technology Counseling Services has used the MindWise Screening Program to address the issue of behavioral health with students.

Read on for how we helped them solve a challenge that many colleges face in raising awareness.



total students reached


behavioral health screenings taken


increase in that week's screenings


individuals engaged by nursing students


pieces of collateral distributed


Recently left with a vacant mental health position, the college’s counselors were looking for a way to ensure that screening program resources, especially those available for depression and anxiety, were still being promoted to students.


Working in consultation with college faculty, the counselors launched the idea of working across departments to stage an on-campus event focusing on awareness of depression and anxiety as key behavioral health concerns for college students.

MindWise Support

They enlisted the support of MindWise to build a specific demo site to prepare for the event and used materials from the MindWise Toolkit to help support the three-hour event across two heavily trafficked campus locations.

"The event afforded an opportunity for students to engage peers in a very important issue on our campus."

Terri Stone, Assistant Professor of Nursing and Faculty Sponsor

Event Launch

On the day of the awareness event, the students staffed tables with MindWise handouts on depression and anxiety, setting up locations where passers-by could take a behavioral health screening.

The group also posted a specific QR-code throughout campus that linked directly to the specially-designed demo site offering the ability to take the anonymous screenings.

Overall, the event was deemed a success by faculty and students – resulting in the following outcomes:

  • 1,000
    Pennsylvania College of Technology students reached.
  • 600
    pieces of collateral were distributed to students.
  • 228
    individuals engaged in conversations with nursing students.
  • 43
    screenings were taken at the event (15% of those approached).
  • 122
    additional screenings were taken on PCCS's screening site.
  • 2,285 %
    increase in online screenings taken over an average week.

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