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  • Resources

    When you become a MindWise client, you’ll receive access to a robust customer portal filled with instructional videos, Q&As, promotional items, and more.

Signs of Suicide (SOS) Trainings

While the Signs of Suicide (SOS) programs are meant to be easily implemented in one classroom period, we do offer consultation and training options to ensure all schools feel supported.


Watch webinars that discuss issues communities are facing today, such as suicide in schools, eating disorders on campus, men’s behavioral health, alcohol intervention strategies, and more.

Why Awareness Days?

National Depression Screening Day (created by MindWise in 1990), National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, and National Alcohol Screening Day are excellent opportunities to launch or bring awareness to your MindWise program.

Links to Behavioral Health Resources

Would you like more information about a behavioral health condition that is covered by the MindWise Screening program? Click below to see a listing of our trusted partners.