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  • Behavioral Health Awareness Days

    These three events bring awareness to depression, eating disorders, and alcohol use – and are a good opportunity to promote your MindWise Screening program.

National awareness days and weeks are excellent opportunities to spread the word about your MindWise Screening program through social media, media campaigns, or in-person events. Communities have held awareness events at town halls, community health centers, college dining halls, and other spaces where community members gather.

Hosting an in-person event can encourage more people to take screenings, provide key behavioral health information to community members, fight stigma, and connect those in need with critical care.

Awareness day promotional materials can also be used for stand-alone behavioral health awareness events, at employee benefit or work fairs, or other venues where you might highlight health issues related to depression, alcohol use, and eating disorders.

National Depression Screening Day

OCTOBER 10, 2019

National Depression Screening Day can be recognized with in-person events and/or online campaigns – connecting community members to the MindWise Screening program. For many, these screenings are their first step toward recovery. National Depression Screening Day helps people gain valuable insight into their behavioral health and connects those at risk with appropriate services and support.

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week


While many have an idea of what someone with an eating disorder may look like, anyone from any walk of life can be at risk of disordered eating. That’s one of many reasons it’s important to raise awareness about the signs and symptoms of disordered eating and help those who might be at risk to take an anonymous validated screening.

National Alcohol Screening Day

APRIL 9, 2020

National Alcohol Screening Day is an outreach, education, and screening initiative that raises awareness about harmful and dependent drinking behaviors and connects at-risk individuals with treatment options. This awareness day is meant to help all individuals consider healthier drinking habits and connect those with more serious alcohol use issues with resources that can help them.

Materials We Offer

We make raising awareness for depression and other behavioral health disorders easy with our toolkits that include materials that organizations can customize and use for their own events.

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Utilize your MindWise Screening program by providing anonymous online questionnaires at an event, where individuals can ask questions and receive information about the behavioral health resources available to them.


How-to guides

For those who have never hosted an event such as this, we make it easy with an event planning worksheet, suggested language to recruit volunteers, and a full guide with best practices we’ve developed over the years.

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Promotional materials

We create a full schedule of social media posts, customizable press releases, and a range of printable materials to help you promote your event and ensure you’re reaching key community members.