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  • A Proven, Effective, and Easy Way to Prevent Youth Suicide

    Our curriculum-based Signs of Suicide (SOS) program is simple to implement, customizable to your school or district, and demonstrated to have a significant impact.

Make a Difference in Your School Today

Our evidence-based Signs of Suicide (SOS) program teaches students how to identify indicators of depression and suicide in themselves and their peers. SOS encourages open dialogue around behavioral health and help-seeking behaviors through the ACT technique (Acknowledge, Care, Tell). Key benefits include:

  • Step-by-step implementation guide
  • Access to our staff of experts for advice and customizations
  • Easy implementation – takes as little as a single class period (about 50 minutes)
  • No additional training or qualifications needed for you or your staff
  • Proven to reduce self-reported suicide attempts by 64% in recent studies (Schilling et al., 2015)

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After Implementing Signs of Suicide, Schools Reported:

  • 97 %
    believed students learned to identify signs of depression and suicide
  • 95 %
    felt there was reduced stigma around mental health and substance use among students
  • 90 %
    saw an increase in students seeking help for themselves of a friend