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    Learn more about upcoming and past webinars on behavioral health, suicide prevention, the SOS program and our partners.

Recent Webinars

How to Prioritize Psychological Safety and Anti-Stigma Remotely

Prioritizing psychological safety and anti-stigma has always been important, but in today’s climate it is the foundation of supporting the behavioral health of your workforce and is ultimately what will drive organizations forward, especially in times of high stress and uncertainty like today.

Audience: business executives, managers, and leadership roles

What to Know About Behavioral Health for Remote and On-Site Teams

Now more than ever, helping employees to address behavioral health needs is an unavoidable part of the job. In this webinar, our behavioral health experts will share recommendations for how to prioritize employee well-being for remote and on-site teams.

Audience: business executives, managers, and leadership roles

Supporting Employees During Times of Job and Financial Insecurity

As we’re all no doubt frustrated by the now well-worn phrase “these uncertain times,” the fact remains that the biggest problem with uncertainty is unquestionably the range of insecurities that come along with it – most specifically related to job and financial concerns.

Audience: business executives, managers, and leadership roles

Leading During COVID-19: How Anxiety and Depression Impact Teams

Behavioral health has always been important, but with the current health crisis, business leaders no longer have the option of not addressing the impact mental health and substance misuse can have on their employees.

Audience: business executives, managers, and leadership roles

Best Practices for Supporting Students, Teachers, and Parents

This webinar highlights best practices for supporting students, teachers, and parents during social distancing due to COVID-19 and features special guest Jodie Segal, Director of Education at Elyssa’s Mission.

Audience: schools, teachers, faculty, parents

Supporting Student Mental Health from a Distance

This webinar discusses how to support student mental health from a distance, with special guest John Ackerman, Ph.D., Suicide Prevention Coordinator for the Center for Suicide Prevention and Research at Nationwide’s Children Hospital.

Audience: schools, teachers, faculty

Coping with Uncertainty, Part II

In Part II, we expand our previous discussion with schools to include all adults and discuss ways to reduce feelings of anxiety or hopelessness, while identifying strategies to help individuals feel more in control.

Audience: parents, colleges, employers, and communities

Using ACT at Home

As we navigate the new challenges associated with COVID-19, the ACT (Acknowledge, Care, Tell) message remains important. Watch this webinar for tips and resources for how kids can use ACT when they aren’t face-to-face with friends or trusted adults.

Audience: schools, teachers, faculty

Coping with Uncertainty

MindWise expert, Nancy Ginty Butler, LICSW, discusses how to cope with the uncertainty of COVID-19 using a framework of safety, predictability, and control, offering tips to increase your sense of control and support your students virtually.

Audience: schools, teachers, faculty

Intro to SOS Signs of Suicide

This introductory webinar offers an overview of how SOS teaches students to identify signs of depression and suicide in themselves and their peers, while providing materials that train school professionals and parents to recognize students at risk.

Audience: schools, teachers, faculty

Learn about the Crisis Text Line

This webinar discusses the partnership of SOS with the National Crisis Text Line to create a new keyword for students to text ‘ACT’ to 741741 and be connected with a trained crisis counselor.

Audience: all

Common Barriers to Suicide Prevention

This webinar addresses the importance of suicide prevention programming, the most common barriers to suicide prevention in schools, and how to overcome these barriers to bring SOS to your students.

Audience: schools, teachers, faculty

The Importance of Screening

This one-hour webinar explores the power of screening as part SOS Signs of Suicide. It discusses best practices in scoring screening forms, following up with youth, and how to address the common concerns we hear about screening students.

Audience: schools, teachers, faculty

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